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Samantha's Swimming

Cancellation Policy- Effective 2018:

We no longer allow cancellations. Months go into scheduling and organizing the schedule. If you cancel your lesson, make ups will occur if we have another lesson that cancels within the 24-hour window. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE TO MAKE UP A LESSON. If you know of a date that you will miss, we must be notified at the beginning of the month, PRIOR to payment being received (in order to prorate the cost) otherwise, it is considered a forfeited lesson. Please pay attention to school conflicts, doctor’s appointments, etc. that may conflict with your scheduled swimming lesson.

In order to keep the schedule flowing, we are asking that you give us a 30-day notice if you plan on discontinuing lessons.

Upon scheduling lessons, your schedule is final.

With over 200 people on our wait list it is not fair to keep postponing the schedule. When you cancel late, you cause a chain reaction between the instructor, other students and it interferes with the schedule. We are a business. Please respect the schedule as such.

Late payment fee:

There will be 15% charge for all payments received after the 15th of the month.

If you have questions about costs and payments, please contact us prior to your first lesson. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to see what Samantha's Swimming is all about!

I began teaching lessons in Spokane in late 2007 upon moving from Florida. In the beginning, I taught swimming lessons to neighbors and made casual conversation with strangers. By the Spring of 2008 I made a full commitment to teaching swimming due to the high demand of lessons via word of mouth.  

I have been swimming nearly my whole life. In fact, I grew up living on a yacht in Seattle until I was 7 years old. I began taking swimming lessons at 6 months of age. I continued swimming lessons eventually graduating the Swim America program and joined the swim team in Snohomish, Washington. Along with teaching swimming since I was 16 years old, I have been a lifeguard as well. I am a certified Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI), also lifeguard certified in CPR, AED, First Aid, Oxygen Administration and Preventing Disease Transmission. I have also been a swim coach and mentor to those learning to teach swimming. I’ve spent the past 8 years living in Florida. I have worked at the YMCA in Orlando and Kids In Motion in Coral Springs as a lifeguard and Swim Instructor. I pride myself in having a full knowledge and understanding of water safety and the importance of learning how to swim. I believe swimming to not only be fun but learning to swim to be crucial to one’s own safety and to be beneficial to a child’s development. I have taught children ages 6 months to 50+ years of age along with those with a physical and mental handicap. 

In the past 10 years we have grown astronomically in clientele. I now have multiple employees who follow my specific illustrations and lesson plans. Over the years, I have developed my own style of teaching which I consider "Progressive Swimming Lessons." Each lesson is taught without expectation but with a goal in mind- obviously- learning to swim! Every lesson is individualized for every swimmers need.

Swim Lessons


About Samantha's Swimming

What we expect:

Learning to swim can be a fun, healthy and rewarding experience. Participants are welcomed five (5) minutes prior to lesson in order to prepare. Please do not arrive before your lesson, it is distracting to the current lesson.
If you arrive before the allotted time you will be asked to leave. I also ask parents to not rush the child to swimming lessons in order to have the most positive experience.
Payment is due once registered for classes, upon arrival of first lesson. I retain the right to change, switch and rearrange lessons in order for all children to benefit. Safety is my number one priority and goal.
We will NOT tolerate disrespect, rudeness or violence from a child of any sort. You WILL be asked to leave.  
We have a strict "No Show" policy. If we do not receive a phone call within a REASONABLE amount of time PRIOR to the lesson and you do not show up- the lesson will be forfeited.

What you can expect:

You may expect your child to gain the knowledge and information about the safety around, near and in the water.
Please do not expect your child to perform to any specific level. Everyone learns at their own pace.
You may expect your child to gain confidence, discipline and a wide variety of skills while in the water.
All students are welcome with all levels of experience.

Things to know before you arrive:

If the swimmer has had diarrhea, you must wait 2 weeks until resuming swim lessons.
In the case of an emergency, the instructor(s) will stabilize the victim/person needing assistance and the parent will be instructed to call 911. This facility does not provide a backboard.
In the case of a fecal contamination in the pool, a shower will be provided to clean off. Lessons will not be able to resume for 12-24 hours.
All swimmers are required to shower the day of lessons prior to arrival. All swimmers must use bathing facility to dress and undress. Parents must take their own children to the bathroom to ensure there is proper supervision in the pool enclosure at all times.
All swimmers who are not potty trained must shower immediately prior to swim lessons and use water proof swim diapers and/or plastic swim pants with a snug fit.
ALL girls must wear their hair in a ponytail.
There are TWO forms to be filled out on first day of lessons.
We accept cash, checks or use the square (using the square will shorten your lesson in order to obtain payment).